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Children's Ministries


​Meet the Leader:


Nina Palmer

What we are about:

          My goal for Children’s Ministries is to provide quality programs and spaces for our youngest members to have an encounter with Jesus.  The theme for Family Ministries is Back to Basics, so we plan to carry that theme by introducing children to the Bread of Life and the gospel on “Baker’s Lane.” 
          We have an exciting year planned!  So if you would like to join us by sharing your talents, please let me know.  We have something for everyone to help, whether it is setting up for VBS, teaching, mentoring, or providing financially.  Everyone can and should be involved with building up our children because we are a family.  Let’s get Back to Basics and join us on Baker’s Lane!
          This year we have four main goals for our department.  First, we plan on performing the play, “We Like Sheep”, during the spring.  This summer we have an amazing VBS program planned called, “Maker Fun Factory: Created by God, Built for a Purpose”.  By the fall, our goal is to transform the Sabbath School areas into “Baker’s Lane” where children and youth will experience the Bread of Life.  Finally, in December we will have “A Night in Bethlehem” where the whole family can travel and trace the steps of Mary and Joseph and experience this small town and truly bring it to life.
          Children are not just byproducts of the members of the church.  Our young people are individuals and young members themselves.  They have so much to contribute to our church family.  So it is extremely important that we nurture their relationship with Christ if we desire for Temple of Praise to grow.

Why we do what we do:

          I have been involved with Youth Ministries, in one way or another, my whole life.  I have learned from generations before me that if you provide a quality space for the youngest members of the church, bringing in parents and grandparents is inevitable.  My parents and grandparents have devoted their lives to young people.  Their legacies are known by many. 
          I just hope to bring a fraction of their knowledge and skill mixed with my own creativity to this ministry.  Being a young adult myself and having young children, I have a strong desire and vision to see their relationship with Christ grow.  While that relationship is not just about events, they learn a lot and come to enjoy the church family when they can see that they belong.  I know that every parent and caregiver wants the same for their children. Creating fun and exciting events is what I enjoy.  I need a team to bring my vision of TOP’s Children’s Ministries to life, and I know that together we can make it happen.
          I look forward to learning more about God’s character.  It has been my experience, so far, that the more involved I am with children, the more aware I am of my need for Christ.  I bow even lower, until prostrate, before Him to understand Him as Father.

Winning souls for the Kingdom…..

          With every child, we can see the excitement in their eyes as they discover their Creator.  Not only are we reaching them, but we are creating an atmosphere where they will want to invite their friends and their families.  Every event, every program, every heart talked to is one more way to bring littles to Christ.