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Family Ministries



                                                                                                    Family Life Ministries

Foundation of the Church:


“Back to the basics” is the theme for our department this year.  We’re attempting to bring back the church’s focus on reaching people and doing ministries that focus on ministering to families. The overall goal for Family Life this year is to click the “reset” button on church activities, and refocus energies and efforts on doing practical trainings that equip families for everyday life as well as provide resources for meeting life’s challenges.


We wanted to have an immediate impact on areas that affect the majority of our members. So we offered a family life interest survey to find out what topics our church members were most interested in addressing.  From that survey, we narrowed down 30 potential focus areas to the top five areas that our church members would like to see addressed in the following order:


 a)      Family Finance


b)      Communication in Marriage


c)      Dealing with Anger


d)      Dating Relationships


e)      Faith Development in Family




Our Story:


           We have a family that has searched for several years to find a church in the Cleveland area that equips families for ministry by providing practical training and resources that are useful in everyday life, not just on Sabbaths. Finding the ideal atmosphere to engage in such a pursuit has been challenging. However, at Temple of Praise, this family has found the opportunity to create the environment that they wanted to see.


           If we can provide tools and resources that help our families cope with everyday life then they will have fewer distractions pulling them away from the church’s mission of reaching people. A healthy family, in love with Jesus and each other, is the best sermon that can be preached in neighborhoods across the city of Cleveland.


            We hope to become a more effective leaders and also develop a different culture at Temple of Praise, one in which each member of the church embraces their responsibility to work towards the church’s ultimate mission of reaching others with the message of the gospel.


Winning souls for the Kingdom…..


           It’s a three pronged approach. First we want to get our families healthy by training them and connecting them with resources. Second, we want to get our families focused on mission. Third, we want to send them out to serve and win other families.